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Daddy Daughter Bonding!

This one is for the Daddies who see those cute photos on social media of little girls with these cute braids in their hair that say to themselves "Gee! My little girl would look adorable with that!" but.....HOW!?!?


Come in for a Beer and Braids night with your daughter and I will show you how to easily achieve some beautiful braids which your little girl will love. Which you can do at home!

Why not have a beer first to calm those nerves!

Of course we will have special bubbly for the little girls too! Only deserving that the little models are treated like princesses!

It also gives you a chance to network with other dads and get all their hair secrets for their little girls.

                                                                    Spots are limited.

                                                                            BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL - PLEASE CONTACT THE SALON FOR TIMES

                                                                             Please ensure hair is clean, dry and free from lice and nits for                                                                  hygiene purposes.

Beer & Braids Reviews

Damien Tennant - 

The lovely ladies did an awesome job with my foils/trim and I felt so relaxed and comfortable letting them do their thing.. I'd been floating between salons and I've finally found mine..
Also attended a "beers and braids" session and learnt how to do a proper ponytail and platts.. my daughter loves it that daddy can do it too.. highly recommend this session for all dads with daughters!

Kylie Shephard - 

Thank you so much for yesterday ... Hannah came home raving about how good it was ... Shane had fun too ... her hair looked amazing .. and she insisted on spraying and brushing it after it came out ... "feel how soft my hair is mummy" ... This has continued this morning with her having to brush and put her hair up before we went anywhere. You have really made her feel great about her hair xoxoxo
You are the best ... thank you for running these classes xoxo
I'm going to put the word out around school. This is definitely something all dads with little girls should look at doing