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Lash and Brows


Want to open your eyes and make them pop? Dont want the hassle of ongoing lash appointments? Why not have a Lash lift and Tint!

A Lash lift will lift your lashes so they have a distinctive curve to them to really open up the eye and make your lashes look longer and fuller! with a lash tint too, it will enhance your natural depth of lash to give you the illusion of mascara!

The beauty of the lash lift and tint is that it only takes around an hour, and there is no upkeep - thats right! No more bushing your lashes daily, no more worrying about infills every 2-3 weeks, nothing! The Lash lift can last between 6-12 weeks (depending on your lash cycle) and is painless and effective! Let the results speak for them selves!

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Eyelash extensions are a great way to achieve long and luscious lashes without having to use mascara or muck around with stick ons!

Unlike the old fake eyelash strips, which were applied to the eyelid, the new semi-permanent eyelash extensions are applied directly to the individual eyelash. Eyelash extensions have a natural look and feel. They provide length and thickness to a persons natural eyelash

Eyelash extensions are considered semi permanent, as they can remain in place for the natural cycle of the eyelash its self. a persons natural eyelash typically falls out every 30-90 days, and is naturally replaced with growth of a new eyelash. Because of this natural cycle, its usually necessary to get touch up to fill in every two weeks


The application of a full set of eyelash extensions typically takes around 2 hours, depending on the skill level of the technician and how many extensions are desired. The application is painless. Clients recline comfortable with their eyes closed and many clients go to sleep during the procedure.

Eyelash extensions are water resistant. Wearers may swim, exercise and shower worry free. Eyelash extensions do not require a lifestyle change for active people. 

Extension After Care Instructions

*Do not get the lashes wet for 24 hours after application

*Do not use a steam room or sauna for the first 48 hours to allow the glue to cure

*Do not use moisturizers and/or make up removers that contain oil or solvents

*Be gentle with the lash extensions: avoid tugging on them and getting caught on clothes and towels. do not let shower water directly hit lashes.

*Do not rub the extensions while washing your face or removing make up, instead, splash your face to remove cleansers, then pat dry.

*Avoid rubbing your eyes and do not use eyelash curlers

*Never pull off lashes. This will remove your natural lashes and can cause discomfort.

*Use cotton swabs to remove makeup

*Touch ups recommended 2-3 weeks as your natural lashes grow and shed in a replenishing cycle.

*Do not perm or tint last extensions

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