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Spray Tanning

MediterraneanTan™ is Miss Universe® Australia’s chosen spray tan, named in Spa Australasia as the number one brand and as seen in Vogue Australia. MediterraneanTan™ delivers results; exotic deep dark colours combined with a luxurious exotic skin treatment. Escape to the unique experience that can only be yours with MediterraneanTan™.

Made in a certified organic environment, MediterraneanTan™ is the only choice for ensuring all your health and beauty needs.

Violet base solutions™ reflect your own individual skin tones and are guaranteed to never throw an orange colour when used in conjunction with the MediterraneanTan™ spray tan system.

MediterraneanTan™ has created spray tan solutions to suit any skin tone. The instant bronzer develops beautifully into a completely natural looking tan. Our solutions are fast drying, non-sticky and streak-free.The skin firming formula helps to rejuvenate the skin, minimising fine lines and wrinkles. The anti-oxidant solution aids in reducing any daily skin damage. MediterraneanTan® creates long lasting results. With proper maintenance, tans can last for well over a week. Tans will fade evenly giving a completely natural look. 

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